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Natural Lice Treatment in Monterey & Surrounding Areas

Safe and Effective

Nitless Noggins has been in business for 8yrs and is one of the longest running lice centers in the Bay Area. We have a proven track record of success and have successfully treated thousands of clients.

At Nitless Noggins we cater to those in Monterey and surrounding areas in search of safe head lice treatment.  Children and teens are just as susceptible to those irritating critters as they were decades ago, perhaps even more so given the popularity of taking “selfies” in which heads touch. Many parents are hesitant to use products sold over-the-counter and that have been around for decades, with good reason.  Not only are these products less effective than they once were, most also contain harsh chemicals and potentially dangerous “active” ingredients such as pesticides.  When you want non chemical lice removal options that deliver the results you expect, count on our highly trained technicians!

Parents today can perform a search for “how to get rid of lice” and come up with all sorts of results, some effective and some not so much.  An infestation is definitely stressful and interrupts your daily routine, so eliminating those pesky bugs and their eggs as quickly as possible is essential.  We use products that are safe, non-toxic, and effective combined with a professional comb-out that gets you in, out, and on with your life.  Our one treatment lice solution is provided in a comfortable, relaxed environment, important for kids who often become anxious.

Head lice are often uncomfortable for kids and teens, causing itching and irritation. When eggs (nits) are found in the hair at school, it can be an embarrassing and stressful situation for the victim. At home, those pesky critters can spread to other family members. Once head lice treatment is performed in our clinic, we offer a natural shampoo and other products to help protect against further infestations.

There are countless situations that put children at risk of a lice infestation. Kids often attend summer camp with many other children. They also play sports, have parties and sleepovers, and engage in other activities with other kids. If one child has head lice, it can quickly spread to others in the group. No child is immune; when lots of kids gather, it is the ideal opportunity for lice to find their victims. Our highly trained technicians provide head lice removal to Monterey residents at our Scotts Valley location. You can trust that it’s a done in one treatment guaranteed. You deserve the best, so don’t waste time with products or services that simply aren’t effective.

Anyone can become a victim of head lice, even adults.  Using someone else’s brush, comb or other hair accessory or simply touching heads is all it takes.  We understand the importance of helping our clients deal with an uncomfortable and often stressful situation.  If you are looking for a head lice clinic that delivers guaranteed results without the use of harsh chemicals, trust Nitless Noggins for amazing results that require only an hour or two of your time.  We invite those in Monterey and nearby cities to contact us today at 831-566-6978 to learn more or schedule and appointment.

Monterey & Surrounding Areas

Our SCOTTS VALLEY location serves all of Santa Clara County including San Jose, Milipitas,Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Morgan Hill, San Martin and Gilroy

Nitless Noggins
4200 Scotts Valley, Suite D
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
(831) 566-6978


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