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Watsonville Head Lice Treatment


Are you a parent of a child in Watsonville who has been sent home from school due to a pediculus humanus capitis infestation?  At Nitless Noggins, we understand how frustrating it is when your child or anyone in your family is the victim of those pesky bugs.  Our safe head lice treatment is proven effective, efficient, convenient, and never involves the use of harsh chemicals found in traditional products such as pesticides or insecticides.  If you are in search of a one treatment lice solution, look no further!

Using prescription or common OTC products can not only be a huge hassle and messy, but ineffective in the end as many strains of head lice have become immune to pesticides.  Our trained technicians use products that are organic and natural, so you never have to worry about damage to the hair in your efforts to get rid of nits.  In most cases, treatment requires only about an hour or two of your time (depending on the severity of the lice infestation) so you can be in, out, and on your way going about with your daily activities.

Non chemical head lice solutions are becoming more popular every day, because they are safe and extremely effective.  Whether a child, teenager, or adult, the process is comfortable, convenient, and leaves you free of those pesky critters once and for all.  We also believe in educating our clients with information on how to deal with this condition in the home environment and offer effective prevention products.  At Nitless Noggins our head lice salon provides a relaxing environment with technicians who put you at ease and go to work to eradicate bugs and their nits!  We invite those in the Watsonville area to learn more or schedule an appointment today at 831-566-6978.


Our SCOTTS VALLEY location serves all of Santa Clara County including San Jose, Milipitas,Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Morgan Hill, San Martin and Gilroy

Nitless Noggins
4200 Scotts Valley, Suite D
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
(831) 566-6978


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