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Head Lice Treatment for Kids

Head Lice Frequently Asked Questions About Kids

Where do kids get lice?
Kids are likely to get lice when they have head to head contact with a person that has a present lice infestation.  Lice are very contagious and can spread quickly from person to person, especially in group settings such as at camp, school, after school centers, sports, and sleepovers.  In addition, using someone else’s personal items such as hairbrushes, combs, helmets, & towels can spread lice further.

What are the signs or symptoms that my child has lice?
Trouble sleeping – Head lice are very active at night disrupting a child’s sleep.
– The feeling of something moving in the hair or a tickling feeling.
Itching on the scalp due to an allergic reaction caused by the biting of the lice.
Little scabs or sores caused by scratching. These sores can become infected

How do I check if my kids have lice?
It is always best to check for head lice when the hair is dry and clean. You should first remove any tangles so that it will not hurt your child. Part the hair and look for eggs (nits) attached to the hair strand. Look from the top of the head to the hair line.

While dandruff will easily move off the hair strand when touched the lice eggs (nits) will not.  Lice eggs will be firmly attached and will feel like a little bump. The eggs will appear to be white or tan in color. You may see live lice moving as well while you are checking.

How do I treat head lice on children?
There are many home remedies and over the counter products available.  However, be aware that lice are actually insects.  Just like insects build up immunities to chemicals, lice do too.  The chemicals and products which used to kill lice oftentimes no longer work.